The 2021 Scholarship Application is now available. Deadline to apply is March 31st, 2021 by 4:30pm. 适用于今天!

The Scholarship Fund was initially a $600 yearly program that provided $100 to $200 scholarships for Sacramento students attending American River Junior College, 萨克拉门托城市学院, and Sacramento State College (now California State University, 萨克拉门托).

Over the years SAR has expanded the Scholarship program to support students in a variety of fields at many different institutions across the United States. 教育 is one of the most important gifts we can give today's youth and it is a gift that benefits not only the student but the entire community. The students who receive a SAR Scholarship to attend college will one day be your clients, 你的同事, 以及乐虎网的社区领袖.













The Scholarship is an annual fundraising drive sponsored by the 乐虎游戏® (SAR), which culminates in providing scholarships for local students. Since 2001, SAR has raised over $520,000 to support local students.



The 学习树 was "planted" in 2015 in the lobby of our building on Howe Avenue, creating a lasting endowment to fund future scholarships. You can participate by purchasing a leaf, 鸟, 分支, 岩石, or trunk of the tree and have your name, 你公司的名字, or an honoree's name permanently placed on the tree. 在其完成, the 学习树 will represent a $500,000 endowment whose interest will be put towards future scholarship gifts. For more information download the learning tree flyer or contact 麦迪逊大厅 in the Events Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


奖学金由特区政府资助, but many organizations and individuals contribute to its success by donating their time, 钱, 或商品和服务. SAR 成员 are encouraged to raise 钱 through their own company efforts and fundraisers.


1月25日- 3月31日: Scholarship applications available online.
3月- 5月: Last Member Standing – Stop in at SAR and purchase a number for $25. In June, all numbers will be drawn until there is one member standing. 这个人将得到1000美元!
3月: Kickoff ceremony at SAR Auditorium (豪大街2003号)
3月: 科德威银行年度St. 帕特里克节的午餐
阿美: The 年轻的专业人士网络 Special Event
6月: 奖学金颁奖典礼. Award Recipients are presented with their scholarships, and previous winners will speak about how their scholarship shaped their education.



  1. 举办公司募捐活动
  2. Realtor Round Up – Round up your Retail Center Purchase to the nearest dollar! 每一分钱都很重要!
  3. Stop by the SAR Retail Center to purchase a Pavilion’s Car Wash for only $30 – value $40! 10美元返还给特区奖学金.
  4. Purchase a space in perpetuity on our 学习树.
  5. 在赛跑中跑步或骑自行车? 它是non-charity? 我想加点慈善的花样? Contact us at (916) 922-7711 regarding a simple way to raise 钱 at your upcoming race.
  6. General donations can be submitted via check, cash or credit card.
  7. 约瑟夫一. Bank: 20% discount on regularly priced merchandise, a % return to SAR Scholarship
  8. EWaste 4 Good – donate EWaste (800) 317-3112, proceeds go to SAR奖学基金
  9. Put the SAR Scholarship Trust in your Will, Legacy and/or Living Trust

We appreciate your charitable giving and know that we couldn't offer as many scholarships without your wonderful support.



This annual scholarship application is available 1月25日- 3月31日.
Scholarships are awarded to 25+ local students, amounts varying from $500 – $3000.
Limited to high school seniors – awards based on availability


The following must accompany the application:

  1. Copy of current official transcript from your accredited high school
  2. Evidence of acceptance and intention to enroll for Fall term at an accredited college or university (or verification of current full–time enrollment if currently attending college or university)
  3. 一个类型的, 300–word essay describing your career objectives and the benefits to be gained from this financial award
  4. Applicant must be a Senior in high school
  5. Applicant must have maintained – and documented – a cumulative grade point average of 3.7, includes high school and all colleges attended.
  6. Applicant must be a resident of Sacramento County or the City of West Sacramento, 至少在加州待一年, or be a relative of a SAR Member or Affiliate and have a valid California Driver's License or California State Identification Card.


  1. Applications for review are received by the deadline stated on the application.
  2. SAR contacts potential recipients to schedule 15‐minute interviews for mid–May.
  3. Recipients are notified of scholarship awards; amounts revealed at the Ceremony.
  4. Recipients attend an Awards Ceremony in June.