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Webinar Recording: Navigating Species Diversity & What Makes a Vector

Last week, 乐虎网举办了一个乐虎网蚊子的网络研讨会,为全国蚊子控制意识周画上了圆满的句号. Day, 佛罗里达大学昆虫学实验室名誉教授,通讯作者, Kattie Morris, and Andrew Rivera, leading members of Clarke’s…


UAV Certification and Benefits of Drones for Mosquito Control

在过去几年中,无人机作为蚊子控制项目中的产品部署和监视工具的使用稳步增加. 获得无人机(UAV)认证对于在蚊虫控制中使用和整合无人机至关重要。


While mosquito-borne diseases threaten human health worldwide, 实施蚊子综合管理(IMM)系统可以大大减轻这些风险. Within the IMM network, 监测杠杆明确地作为幼虫或成虫控制的前身。

clarke bg counter map illinois

案例研究:用于 伊利诺斯州蚊子种群监测的BG计数器陷阱 


Leveraging Mosquito Industry Resources for Community Education

Each method of lake mapping – vegetation, bathymetric, 沉淀物/硬度图-提供独特的见解,以评估您的水体区域,否则将被忽视, let alone enough understanding to properly plan and budget for.

Late Summer Mosquito Control: What to Expect

夏末往往是西尼罗河病毒(WNV)等蚊媒疾病迅速上升的时候, thanks to ideal weather conditions (regular rainfall, humidity levels, and warm air temperatures) for mosquito breeding.

dusk time msoquito spray treatment with electric ULV machine


灭蚊服务使用各种不同的施药方法来控制社区的蚊子, private backyards, public parks, and commercial properties. 控制蚊子数量没有放之四海而皆准的解决方案.

ulv spraying in field

How do Professional Mosquito Control Products Work?


Clarke Adult Mosquito in a cage


以下是监测成蚊最常用工具的概述, 包括开展和管理蚊子监测活动的现有技术和新兴技术.

natular larvicide being dropped into a catch basin


根据美国国务院和国务院发表的《乐虎游戏》.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “对蚊子种群的最大控制作用将发生在蚊子集中的时候, immobile and accessible.” 

biogents mosquito surveillance equipment in the forest


Clarke是Biogents系列公共卫生蚊虫监测产品在美国的独家经销商, its territories, and the Cayman Islands. 

Aerial night spray
Social distancing at a restaurant

4 Tips for Al Fresco Dining Without Mosquitoes

保证每个人的户外用餐体验愉快和安全, 这里有四件事可以帮助餐馆在户外用餐时消灭蚊子.

Help! Where to start on setting up public health mosquito abatement

控制蚊子是保护公众免受西尼罗河病毒等蚊媒疾病传播的关键功能, Zika, various forms of encephalitis, and others.

Neighborhood Ground ULV

Mosquito Control is “So Much More Than Spraying”

采取更全面的方法控制蚊子,对取得最佳效果至关重要. Just using spray treatments is not enough.

mosquito in spray cage for efficacy testing


After surveying a segment of about 100 of our U.S. based customers, including mosquito abatement districts, municipal programs, and public health departments, some key trends emerged that we can all learn from.

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