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Residual, Single Brood


Briquette, Granule, Liquid, Pellet


7A Juvenile Growth Hormone



  • Contains (S)-methoprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR) that stops mosquitoes from becoming breeding, 咬的成年人
  • Available in liquid, granular, pellet or briquette formations in a variety of sizes
  • Developed and manufactured by Central Life Sciences
  • Distributed by 乐虎网 for public health mosquito control use


乐虎网 Altosid®杀幼虫剂

The Altosid family of products from Central Life Sciences are an effective mosquito larvicide option for professionals, providing consistent control and performance. Depending on the product form, residual control activity can range from 7 days all the way up to 150 days — giving mosquito control professionals peace of mind that they’re covered when needed most. Each Altosid® larvicide formulation contains (S)-methoprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR) that stops mosquitoes from becoming breeding, 咬的成年人.

(S)-Methoprene is target-specific, has an excellent toxicity profile, and will not affect fish, 水禽, mammals or beneficial predatory insects. 结果是, you can feel comfortable using Altosid® in your district’s most sensitive areas and enjoy effective, 长期控制.

乐虎网 is an authorized distributor of Altosid formulations for public health mosquito control use.

Altosid Formulation Options

The Altosid portfolio of larvicides includes several different formulation types, 包括煤砖, 颗粒, 液体和颗粒. Each are designed to suit the variable habitat, 应用程序的方法, and length of control requirements for public health mosquito control products.

Learn more about the nine different Altosid formulations available from Central Life Sciences for public health mosquito control:


Our fundamental job is to discover and design the most effective mosquito control products of the future, and ensure the performance we can achieve in the lab translates to real-world operational excellence for customers.

Yemi Susan Bullen McClain
Yemi Susan Bullen-McClain, Ph.D
Director, 产品 Innovation & 领域的科学

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